So glad you're here!


I’m Christine, I help women, just like you, go from surviving to thriving their LDS faith journey. 

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So glad you're here!

I'm Christine, I help women, just like you, go from surviving to thriving their LDS faith journey. 

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Private Coaching

Interested in getting help now? Private coaching might be the perfect thing. Schedule a consult and let's chat. 

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Is this you???

  • You wish you could Hear Him but don't know how.
  • You're exhausted spiritually.
  • The spiritual part of your life feels off, stressful or non existent.
  • If you feel like you have to earn God's love.
  • If you feel like you're always falling short.
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Don't Worry Friend...

I got you

I created a program just for you.



A Safe Place


The Surviving to Thriving program is the perfect place for you to share what you're struggling with free of judgement. 



Simple Tips & Tools


You will be taught simple tips and tools to help you in your faith journey, not just told to read your Scriptures.


I'm All In!


A Deep Dive With All Things Spiritual


Get personalized help when it comes to your spiritual life. We will be going deep, this isn't just another Relief Society lesson. 


6 Month Program Includes...

  • 3 Intimate Group Coaching Calls each month where we apply what we're learning so you can start seeing changes in your life right away
  • 1 Private Coaching Call each month with Christine where you will receive personalized help specific to where you're at
  • Videos sent 3x a month right to your inbox teaching new tools and concepts
  • Worksheets paired with videos to apply what you're learning to do some deep dive work
  • Access to community and Christine between sessions for extra support
I'm In!
"I have enjoyed and benefited from my coaching sessions with Christine so much!  Christine encourages me to look at situations very differently from how I am used to, from problems as simple as a purchase my husband made that I was unhappy about, to a faith crisis my daughter is having, every unique situation is calmly addressed.  I feel of her love and concern every time we talk and I really feel her cheering me on through the process.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!"



What Will We Cover??

  • Your relationship with Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother
  • Your relationship with your ward
  • Discovering your divine gifts
  • Finding your individual divine purpose
  • Confidence
  • Habits
  • Loving those hard to love people
  • Personalized Help just for You
  • + so much more!
Can't Wait!

Program Payment Options...

One Time Investment



Monthly Plan


+5 Monthly payments of $480


F A Q ...

Let’s get to it!


Staying where you are is costing you peace. If you're ready to move forward let me take care of you and show you the way. 

I can't wait to see you inside the program!


I'm Ready for Peace!

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